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DV8-Mobile Solutions


Wireless Savings and More, Delivered Right to Your Door.


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Basic to Smart


From the most basic cell phones to the smartest Smartphones, DV8 has your business mobility needs covered.


We offer only the best of today's top brands including Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Blackberry, and more. 

Snazz Up Your Mobile Sales Presentations and Video Conferences


Equip your sales team with the latest in lightweight and functional Tablet technology from DV8, including Apple's iPad Air and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 Android Tablet.




Tired of failing car chargers, flimsy protective cases, and uncomfortable, poor sounding headsets and earpieces?


One of our top priorities is to source the most durable, high-quality accessories available, assuring you of dependable, long-lasting chargers, cases, hands-free kits and more.

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Phones & Tablets

From the most basic phones to the smartest Smartphones, DV8 has your business needs covered; offering the best wireless equipment, including Apple, Motorola, Samsung, and more.

DV8 Customers

Our best marketing and advertsing comes straight from our own customers. Click here to read many of our customer testimonials and to learn why you need to DV8!.


Tired of failing car chargers or uncomfortable, poor sounding headsets and earpieces? DV8-Mobile Solutions offers top-quality chargers, cases, hands-free kits, and more.

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AIC Roofing and Construction, Inc.

"We just can't say how pleased we are with DV8-Mobile Solutions. I greatly appreciate you coming to our office to move everyone's existing phone conternt to the new phones. The transition was seamless, and the phone service has been terrific so far. Not only is the service better, but we are saving a substantial amount of money.  Thanks to DV8 for improving my entire mobile experience!"

Blaine Adams
AIC Roofing and Construction, Inc.

Forcht Group of Kentucky

"As a business professional for over 20 years, I understand the value of great customer service and saving money. DV8-Mobile Solutions was able to help us save over $36,000 on our mobile bills, but more than that, we have been more than happy with the customer service that they provide! Every issue has been handled in a very prompt manner and we are more than satisfied. I am using DV8 for my personal service as well, and will continue to tell everyone about them. I could not be happier!"

Jim Reeder
Purchase Manager
Forcht Group of Kentucky



M'raj, Inc.

"This is something I rarely do. But I wanted to take a minute to send this note to simply say "thank you.

When we first spoke about your services for my business I was a bit skeptical, to be honest, with our two businesses being 500 miles apart. That proved to be a non-issue. You have done everything you said you were going to do, and then some! You have made the switch of carriers and supplied M'raj Inc. with all our phones as painless as possible.
even when some of our staff wanted new numbers and some wanted to keep their old numbers. I know we did not make this easy for you.

Again, thank you to you and your staff. We wish you continued success."

Kind regards,

M'raj Inc.



Aquatic Solutions, LLC

"I wanted to take a moment and express our sincere appreciation for the unsurpassed service you provide. The old adage holds true, time is money! This is particularly true for a small business. DV8-Mobile Solutions saves me and Aquatic Solutions, both time and money. As a business, we are completely dependent on our mobile devices to keep us connected. We need to be available to our customers to provide a level of service on which we pride ourselves. It is imperative that we have up to date, working devices with a dependable carrier. DV8-Mobile Solutions has provided us with exactly what we need while offering us a significant savings! The customer support you provide gives me confidence in knowing that when something does go wrong, you’re there with a ready solution. In a time when most people are endlessly “pressing 1” to be placed on hold for the next available representative to meet their needs, you are always a live voice to answer my call or a promptly returned voice mail. So thanks! For providing outstanding service while saving me time and money!"


Natalie Ganley
Office Manager, Aquatic Solutions, LLC



Creekmore Marketing

"DV8-Mobile Solutions always goes above and beyond to meet our needs. Their Concierge Consultant sat down with me FOR FREE and reviewed my phone plan. He was able to save me almost $1,000 per year on a 4 line account! I was floored. In addition, I’ve bought iPhones through DV8-Mobile Solutions. It was so convenient! I loved that I didn’t have to go to the store, which always seems to take FOREVER. The consultant asked me a few simple questions, ordered the phones and delivered them promptly. Anyone and everyone should meet with DV8-Mobile Solutions, unless you don’t like saving money."

Chelsea Creekmore
Creekmore Marketing


Today Chiropractic

"Hey...take it from me, someone with no axe to grind...I'm never going to meet you, I don't know that you're reading this, but I can tell you one thing…
You should check out DV8-Mobile Solutions!

In life, I move towards things where I can come out a winner…
I avoid things where I can break even, or lose...
DV8-Mobile Solutions is a winner!

Dr. Leo Boisvert
Today Chiropractic


Anderson & Rodgers Construction, Inc.

"DV8-Mobile Solutions saved our company about $1200 annually, over 3 years ago, when we were only a 3 line account. The following year we purchased additional phones through a Black Friday sale to get the Galaxy 3 for $1 each (at one of those “Big Box” stores). The kind of deal nobody could pass up, except our account doubled in price on the next bill cycle. We had picked up 2 more lines and it was costing my company as much money as the 3 lines I currently had. With one quick phone call to DV8-Mobile Solutions, my account was straightened out and the purchase had barely put a dent on my now 5 line account! Since then we only deal with DV8-Mobile Solutions and we have purchased more new phones, devices, cases, chargers and all things mobile without ever stepping foot into another cellular store. That truly is my favorite part of having DV8 handle my phones; you are dealing with a person and they are only a text message or phone call away."

Teddy Rodgers, President
Anderson & Rodgers Construction, Inc.


Wealth Management of Kentucky

"DV8 really came through for our company when our current cell phone providers were overcharging and underserving. They diligently met with our business multiple times to determine the best options that would benefit our individual needs, in a group plan. Never having to go through the hurdles again with the lengthy visits to our cellular company branch, DV8-Mobile Solutions have truly given us that concierge service that they promised. We are so thankful to have help "delivered right to [our] door" when we need, and always having someone looking out for us when promotions or new deals come available. While anyone can go into a store and set up a plan for them self, having DV8-Mobile Solutions gives you that extra comfort that you are getting the best bang for your buck on the specific services you or your company needs. We cannot speak highly enough on their prompt and friendly customer service. Thank you DV8- Mobile Solutions!"

Niki Dillman
Wealth Management of Kentucky


Soular Massage Pain Management and Wellness Center

"DV8-Mobile Solutions gave us the service we needed and saved us a sizable amount of money! Their response time is quick and efficient and their Concierge Consultant gave us the information we needed to buy the right equipment for our business. Talk to DV8-Mobile Solutions before you pay your next phone bill!"

Joe Cinquina - Owner
Soular Massage Pain Management & Wellness Center


ADA Heating and Air

"DV8-Mobile Solutions saved us over $240 a month on our mobile bills! They are always there to answer any questions we may have; and their phone delivery and set up service is second to none! As a busy business owner, time is money; and DV8-Mobile Solutions saves me both!"

Scott Kessler - Owner
ADA Heating and Air


Slade & Collins Insurance

"I have referred several of my clients to the pros at DV8-Mobile Solutions. With their extensive knowledge of the market and their ability to find real savings in a business’ mobile plan, DV8 has become my go-to company for me clients. And it doesn’t stop there! They offer very competitive pricing on phones, covers and accessories. The best part… they will bring it right to my clients’ door! No more trips to a store or the mall or anywhere! To top it off, their consultants will even help set up the new phones so that the transition is as seamless as possible. Thank you DV8-Mobile Solutions for making me look good to my clients when I refer them to you!"

Dean Hardin
Slade & Collins Insurance


N-Tech Mechanical Services Inc.

"Making the move to DV8-Mobile Solutions has been a smart one. Since they have taken control of our wireless accounts the savings have been great, and the service has been outstanding. It’s nice to deal with someone who has our best interests in mind; and is willing to put in the time to save us money any way they can. Dealing with DV8 is always a pleasure; whatever we need we get and we get it at the best possible price."

Michael A. Camp, Vice President
N-Tech Mechanical Services Inc.


BC Wood Properties

"We are thrilled with DV8. Their Team Members are friendly, courteous and tremendously helpful. They showed us how we could save hundreds of dollars each month on our company cell phone bill. The DV8 Team also assists employees with cell phone issues and cell phone replacements by calling the carrier or insurance company for us. They also resolved the cell phone reception challenges we encountered when our office relocated. DV8 has taken the headache out of managing our cell phone needs and is always our first call when a need arises."

Sue Bate
Operations Manager, BC Wood Properties


The Bristol Group

"Our rep with DV8-Mobile Solutions has made mobile services for our business completely painless. We save more money than we ever thought possible. DV8 really knows what they are doing and I don’t know how we ever managed our mobile services without them"

Janie Ferguson
Accounting Coordinator, Bristol Group, Inc.


TEMA Systems, Inc.

"Working with DV8-Mobile is such a breeze; their professional staff quickly identified our business needs and tailored a mobile plan that has exceeded our expectations. From inception, deployment, and execution phase - DV8-Mobile has delivered in all areas. The one call and it is done feature is breath of fresh air!"

Jim Garner
IT Manager, TEMA Systems, Inc.


Paul Davis Restoration

"I am happy to say that I am a VERY satisfied customer! DV8 will help you reduce your cellular expenses and understands what customer service is all about!"

Phil Ogden
General Manager, Paul Davis Restoration


Huston Barger Masonry, Inc.
Women Business Enterprise

"The friendly staff at DV8–Mobile Solutions has been very helpful whenever I needed anything. They have stayed on top of our upgrading and brought it to our attention; and has also has let me know if we could save money by changing our plan. This has been a great partnership for us. Thank you!"

Sherry H Alexander




"At first I was skeptical about the services DV8 was offering at “No Cost” and without any commitment to my company, but decided to allow them to present a proposal for what they could offer. Once I reviewed the proposal I was astonished by the amount of savings they brought to the table and proceeded to allow them to provide the consulting service for all my mobile devices. After they took over the lines our savings were actually a little better than even proposed. This was one of those few times in life that it really was as good as it sounded and I could not be happier with the service and support that I received on a continuous basis from DV8! The service speaks for itself."

"A truly great company that does what they say!"

Daniel Craft
Business Manager, Tema Isenmann, Inc.


Reliable Commercial Roofing

"I just want to take a minute to let your company and others know what a wonderful working relationship we have Daniel Meekins and DV8-Mobile Solutions. From the first moment he came to our office to introduce himself and your business, it has been a wonderful journey. Daniel performed as a true professional in what he had to offer and yet his down to earth attitude, well it just makes people want to work with him. I personally enjoyed every visit, that charming, warm smile and mostly his honesty. Daniel was never pushy and everything he said he would and could do, was perfectly executed. As our needs change, rest assured we will be contacting him in the future. Please feel free to just stop by any time, I so enjoy talking with you. God's blessings to you, your family, and your future."

Deletta "Dee" Hieatt
Office Manager
Reliable Commercial Roofing


Bank of Lexington

"Our bank has had great success with the DV8-Mobile Solutions Team! DV8 keeps an eye on our plans to make sure we are in the right plans, and makes periodic suggestions on our plans to save us the most money. Since we have been using DV8 we have lowered our phone expenses by about $6,000 annually (with regards to the monthly billing.) We have about 20 lines +/-. Whenever an officer needs a phone or is available for an upgrade our IT director contacts the DV8 Team and they take care of getting the phone, the setup, delivery, etc. so we don't have to fool with it, which is invaluable. Initially when we went with DV8 they found charges attached to phones that were for unnecessary services that the officer had no clue what they were getting charged for. We were also in the wrong data plans and he can look at your overall usage and figure out what is best and change you into those plans-or restructure phone lines within plans to maximize your availability of data by looking to see who does and does not use data and structuring the lines within the plans accordingly.

DV8 is attentive to calls, and whenever we have had to call, if we have to leave a message the call is returned promptly.

I also use DV8 personally for my family's phone plan. My daughter did an upgrade last week. She wanted a higher capacity iPhone. DV8 ordered it, met with her here at my office, walked her through set up. DV8 worked our carrier on disabling her old phone and setting up the new one while with her to make the transition seamless - about a 15 minute process. Way better than a visit to a retail store.

I know DV8's service sounds too good to be true but what they do for our company really works, all they ask in exchange is that you use them to get any new phones which we probably do on most new or upgraded phones (our officers can always go to a store direct if they want to but most if not all go through our IT department who then contacts DV8 for the phone.) The cost we pay them for new phones is exactly what is chargeed at wireless stores. So why mess with the store if we can have someone do it for us and deliver the phone right to the officer's desk-with no hassle and no time out of the office waiting in line. They are good people and will do a good job for any company in my opinion."

Mike Flynn
Senior Vice President
Bank of Lexington

Architectural Kitchens & Baths

"DV8-Mobile Solutions provides great service, handles all the “little” things and all the “big” issues with equal care and concern; and makes the customer feel like they are the most important customer!"

Thank you again for all you do for us!

M. Brent Richards, AIA
Owner, Architectural Kitchens & Baths

Threewire Electric

"DV8 has saved our company money on our cellular service as well as provided us with a quick and painless way to upgrade and update our devices/plans for our growing business. Thank you DV8-Mobile Solutions!"

Nick Maxey
Owner, Threewire Electric

Glass Doctor of Central Kentucky

"DV8-Mobile Solutions has always been very helpful and available when I needed them. My Concierge Consultant helped my late at night; on a weekend, when we lost a phone. He was ready to get in the car and bring us a phone replacement right away. What incredible service!"


Brian Dingee
Owner, Glass Doctor of Central Kentucky



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